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There were some interesting changes to the standard, many of which are insignificant, but a few changes are important. If your team is reasonably well-versed in either the 1994 or the 2009 standard and interested in getting an update on the 2018 version, along with a chance to refresh their skills, we are also offering a 2-day 2018 Update class. (We've even done 1-day update classes for some customers, although 1.5- to 2-days seems to work better.)

One change: The definition of a datum was changed back to match previous versions, which we think is a good thing. (The 2009 standard sort of muddled the definition a bit.) There is a new symbol to indicate a dynamic profile tolerance, which allows profile to go all around but only control form, not size. Notably, both concentricity and symmetry have been completely eliminated from the standard.


We are offering a 2018 UPDATE ONSITE, a shortened version of our 3-day Fundamentals of GD&T, available for customers who have previously had training in ASME Y14.5M-1994 or -2009 and need to get a refresher of some of the trickier aspects of Y14.5 plus see all of the updates.

ASME Y14.5 2018 COVER.png


Customers wanting to update skills on the 2018 standard and are already familiar with ASME Y14.5M-1994 or -2009 can arrange to have an 2018 Update Class.


Topics include: tolerance calculations; boundary conditions; definitions: datum, datum feature, physical datum simulator, (irregular feature of size, related vs. unrelated envelope, non-uniform boundary, MMB (maximum material boundary), LMB (least material boundary), RMB (regardless of material boundary); symbols: dynamic profile, spotface, continuous feature, moveable datum target, translation, unequally disposed profile, all over, independency; and other changes, including: MMB modifier allowed on a surface datum, flatness of a feature of size, tangent plane modifier used with profile or total runout, clarification of datum examples and degrees of freedom. 

In addition to the new topics covered from the 2018 standard, the course will also be an excellent refresher, covering all the rules and symbols from the 1994 and 2009 standards as well.

Call for a quote: (586) 693-0219 or email: We'll need to know an approximate number of trainees, the location, and desired dates.

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