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Student answers to the question, "What did you like about the program?" from a recent onsite GD&T class:

"How he interacted with everyone, remembered our names, answered questions, explained inspection techniques related to our parts."



"How the instructor involved everyone and tried to make it fun."



"Since I've had this class before this was a great opportunity to validate or correct what I thought I knew and update my knowledge to the latest standard.  I feel more confident about the subject matter now."



"The training was very useful for our department, and I am sure for any of the design and manufacturing team, as well.  It will help with being able to interpret what customers are trying to accomplish with their drawings and will allow us to effectively communicate with them.  As we move towards doing more concurrent engineering with customers, this will allow us to propose concrete designs and ensure we draw what we mean."



"Instructor did an excellent job in portraying material in an interesting way."


Attendee responses to a survey from recent public seminars on Tolerance Stack Analysis:


"The instructor did a great job getting the class involved, gave very good examples, and was very knowledgeable."


"John did a great job. A fairly dry subject was made quite interesting."


"John was able to maintain the attention of everyone in the class and made an effort to engage everyone. He is well versed in the subject and was an effective instructor!"


Engineering Society's Feedback Sheets:

Overall Instructor Quality: 5.0 (Compare to the engineering society's overall seminar average of 4.4 on a scale from 1.0 to 5.0)

Instructor's Knowledge of Subject Matter: 4.8 (Compare to the average of 4.7)

Teaching Technique/Style: 4.8 (Compared to the average of 4.2)


"Great job!"

"Good man. Knowledge and interest in the subject matter was apparent. Personable."

"Very good instructor. Very knowledgeable."

"The instructor was very good at explaining and helping us visualize and understand the concepts, he was very aware of manufacturing and practical uses of the subject matter, he was great at answering questions, and he even made it fun by sharing a few inside (subject related) jokes."

"Very good job of leading the class, especially of explaining many issues. Many participants had little background knowlege in GD&T basics; John made sure everything was explained in order for the class concepts to be understood."

"John brought a sense of humor and an enthusiastic delivery style to what would've otherwise been a very dry subject."

"The course could go into a third day. A lot of good information."

"Great course. Knowledgeable instructor with real world examples."


Emailed quotes from previous attendees or managers who sent people to various classes:

"I've received overwhelming positive feedback on the training. Everyone felt that they learned a lot and that you did an excellent job presenting the material. I'm sure we'll see you again at [our company] sometime in the future." (Note: I've been back twice since then!)


"Thanks for the great 3 days this week. I learned a lot this week and even though we don't use a lot of GDT here I feel like it has helped me as a designer to look at how I do things a little differently to make the drawing come together a lot better."


"I recently finished the [online] tolerance stack course. Although the self study made me go slower than I probably should have, I thought your course material was excellent, with clear examples and explanations. The hardest part for me was the offset or adjacent surface tolerance but I think I get it after going over that section several times. I'm recommending this class to other people at my work. Thanks."

"... a little feed back for yourself is that everyone that attended [the onsite GD&T Fundamentals] training sessions had nothing but positive comments and since the session we do have others from various groups interested."

"Our engineers who attended your class were very impressed."


The most useful thing was learning "the changes to the new standard and a great refresher of everything."

" gave me some guidelines on this [drawing after the class] and it helped a lot..."

"I have not been in a classroom environment (sic.) in some time. You did a superb job engaging our group. Thanks again, and if I know anyone else in need of training, you will be my choice..."

"Listening to you was no problem. You have a good presentation and you actually teach your subject.  We have had some instructors (say Lean 6 Sigma), that when asked an intuitive question (like how was that equation derived from what we just engineers are known to do), we've received answers like 'that's just the way it is in industry.' You understand the derivation and the why. Very good. Thank you."

"I think you did a really good job. I missed two days [out of five] and I still learned quite a bit."

"The 4 attendees had good things to say about your course and felt it was well worth attending. We're interested in having an on site course."

"I got a lot out of your class, you did a great job."

"I've heard some very positive feedback from attendees of the 1st GD&T class, I think this will be great info. for our group to have."

"I have heard only good feedback on the class. I have already seen increased use of GD&T on drawings, and folks are clearly thinking more deeply about how best to communicate their requirements to the machinists. The class was a great investment and is already paying for itself."

"I just recently took your tolerance stacks training course ... and I really enjoyed it. I have really put quite a bit of effort into understanding the concepts.  I can appreciate GD&T's potential to clear up a lot of ambiguous communication that occurs in the Engineering community. However, I recognize that it can accomplish that only if the engineers doing the communicating have the discipline to understand and utilize the concepts. Unfortunately, in my workplace (I'm sure I'm not alone), GD&T and tolerance stacks are considered to be an afterthought."

"Thanks again for bringing the class to our levels. I found your teaching method to be very interesting, thorough and applicable. You were able to understand and answer all of our questions, even if we weren't able to ask them correctly, which proves your knowledge of GD&T. I will recommend you in the future."

"Glad to hear that you made the trip home okay and thank you again for running the course. I have heard nothing but good reviews from participants in both sessions."

"The feedback for the two classes [GD&T Fundamentals and Tolerance Stack Analysis] was very good. I told [a colleague] that your GD&T and Tolerance Stack materials are top-notch, so I was confident it would be good stuff. Thanks for your help in China."


Course Evaluations from classes at GM Tool & Die Supervisor College:

"John is an excellent tough-subject instructor! He made this topic very interesting."

What did you like best about the session? "The real world examples and the instructor's energy about the subject."

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